What your puppy comes with

What your puppy comes with

When you invest in a puppy from Brisbane Bernedoodles & Groodles Australia you have peace of mind that your puppy has not come from a kennel but instead, has been raised in a home with lots of love and care.


Puppies will have had their first C3 Vaccination when they leave us at 8 weeks Their next vaccination will be due 4 weeks later (12 weeks) and final vaccination at 16 weeks. Your puppy cannot go into public spaces where other dogs have been until they are fully vaccinated.


We worm pups here at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks. Regular worming will have to continue once pup has left to their families. We recommend worming every 2 weeks up until pup is 12 weeks of age. Then worming once a month to 12 months of age and then once every 3 months for rest of life.


All puppies come microchipped. You will be given paperwork to transfer pup’s ownership into your name. It is important families keep these details up to date. Registering your pup with your local city council is also a requirement by law.

Vet health clearance

Puppies will come thoroughly health checked by our trusted vet. Puppy’s structure, eyes, teeth, heart, ears and skin will be examined. We also provide families with a copy of parent’s DNA reports so that you can be assured your pup is clear of preventable disease specific illnesses.


Puppies are not desexed when they leave us. We do not believe in early desexing for our pups. We like our pups to be fully grown before they are desexed and recommend this happens after the age of 6 months. We are currently looking into Hormone Sparing Surgery as an alternative to early desexing. All families will sign a puppy contract that requires them to desex their pups. We offer a health guarantee for all of our puppies and a lifetime of support.