Puppies Abroad - Singapore

Bernedoodles & Groodles Traveling Overseas

Since 2020, Brisbane Bernedoodles & Groodles Australia have been exporting puppies to families in Singapore. Many of our Singaporean families say that purchasing a puppy off an ethical breeder in Singapore is difficult as many puppies come from puppy mills and they lack health testing. Most puppies that have been imported to Singapore are then sold on to pet shops where breeder and puppy history is lost.


We like to think we offer Singaporean families a better alternative to pet shops and puppy mills.

We work with families who have reserved one of our puppies from birth through to 12 weeks. From weeks 5-12 we hold weekly facetimes so families abroad can see their puppy developing and growing.

Our puppies who are going to live abroad leave us at 12 weeks.

We also offer families the option of board, stay and train for puppy’s final 4 weeks with us in Australia. This is an excellent intensive course that works to develop puppies’ skills in a different setting. It helps prepare puppy for the flight ahead. Our puppies handle travel very well and are crate trained before the leave us.

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After pups arrive in Singapore they can be picked up from the airport. For families that can’t make it to the airport we offer a door-to-door service at an extra cost.

If you’d like more information on our exportation process please contact us through our enquiry page