Meet The Parents

The Sires & Dams


Daisy is where it all began. She is a beautiful golden spoodle and was mumma to our spoodle litters. Daisy is now retired and living her best life as a city dog.


Willow is a purebred mahogany red moyen poodle. She is loving and full of life. Willow is 100% non shedding and has a wool coat. She is one of the mothers of our mini groodle litters and is 14kgs.


Lulu is a precious golden groodle. She loves to run and play and is very protective of her pups. She is 100% non shedding and has a wool coat. Lulu is 16 kgs.


Lola is a gorgeous dark red spoodle. She is an exceptional mother and is very affectionate. Lola is 8 kgs and has a fleece non shedding coat.


Indie is a mini red spoodle girl and is the daughter of Daisy.  Indie was selected for our breeding program for her excellent temperament and her beautiful non shedding fleece coat.  Indie is  8 kgs.

Lola Little-Love

Meet beautiful Lola. She is a stunning F1 spoodle and is so loving. She loves her mumma and watches reruns of Rambo and Rocky with her. Lola has a fleece coat that is non shedding. She will grow to 10 kgs.


Blossom is new to our breeding program and will become a mum in 2023. She lives with her wonderful guardian family and enjoys trips to the beach. Blossom is a purebred golden retriever with a soft and loving temperament. She will grow to be 20-30 kgs.
Happy 7 Week old Golden Retriever puppy on  white background


Missy is also new to our breeding program. She is the cousin of Willow and is a purebred mahogany pedigree moyen poodle. She is quiet and attentive with such a sweet and loving nature. Missy has a wool coat and will grow to 14kgs

Bear Bear

Bear is full of spunk. He is a purebred mini red poodle and one of the sires of our litters. Bear is infused into the Master Dog Breeders’ Association as a founding stud for the new Theodores (cavoodles). He is 100% non shedding with a wool coat. Bear Bear is 9kgs. If you are interested in using Bear as a stud dog please contact us via our Puppy Enquiry form.



Minty is a little pocket-rocket. He is full of life and loves going on walks with his family. He is a toy latte poodle and will be one of our sires in the future. Minty has a wool coat and is non shedding. He will grow to 4 kgs.


Caesar is one of our golden retriever studs. He is loving and playful and shows all the clever characteristics of a golden. He will produce beautiful F1 Mini groodles in 2023. Caesar will grow to be 20-30 kgs.



Frankie is an F2 mini golden groodle.  He is the most handsome boy and is full of love. Frankie has a non shedding fleece coat and is 14 kgs.

Charlie F1 medium Groodle



Sundance Storm imp. USA moyen tri parti poodle



Blossom Golden Retriever



Pheonix red retriever



BBG Bear miniature poodle



Rouge Soleil Missy red standard poodle



BBG Fozzie Ultra Groodle



BBG lulu medium groodle



BBG Ginny medium groodle



BBG willow moyen poodle



Sundance Persephone imp. USA standard poodle



Sundance Hadley imp. USA Bernese Mountain Dog



Sundance Harlow and Harper imp. USA BMD



BBG lily multigenerational groodle



BBG Chilli red medium groodle