Puppies Abroad in Singapore

All About The Groodle

The breed of groodle (Golden retriever cross poodle) originated in North America in the early 90’s and quickly became a popular breed for their intelligence, sweet disposition , trainability and loving natures. They are also known in the States as goldendoodles. Groodles typically live for 12-15 years and come in 3 sizes, standard, medium and miniature. Standard 18-30 kgs, Medium 15-18 kgs, Miniature 10-14kgs.

At BG&S we breed all three sizes and have been working with overseas breeders to infuse intense red and white abstracts into our groodle lines. We breed F1, F1b, F2b and F3 generations. Our groodles range in colour from intense red to cream and gold.

Our groodles have either fleece or wool coats. Fleece coats are soft and wavy and low to non -shedding. Wool coats have tighter curls and are usually more dense. We recommend wool coat groodles for allergy sufferers as the chance of dander leaving pup’s coat is reduced. Whether you like the look of a fleece coat or wool, both need regular grooming. We recommend professional grooming every 6-8 weeks to keep your groodle looking great.


Groodles need regular activity such as a daily walk or playing fetch in the backyard. It is important to remember that over exercising your pup in the early months can lead to long term damage of the joints, hips and elbows.

Overall, we have found the groodle to be a people focused breed. They love nothing more than hanging out with their owners and willingly work to please them. They have the intelligence of the poodle with the fun loving personality of the retriever and want nothing more than to be a part of a family. A groodle is an excellent choice for novice puppy owners.


The Spoodle

Spoodles, also known as cockerpoos, have a gentle, loving temperament and thrive on human companionship. They typically live for 12-15 years. Not dissimilar to the groodle, the spoodle was purposely bred in the 1960’s in the United States as one of the first designer breeds.

Spoodles mostly range from 8-12kgs and are a medium sized dog that is a mix between the English cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle. At BG&S we breed F1B and F3 generations (spoodle x poodle and spoodle x spoodle) We breed down to these generations for consistency and stability in the breed.

Spoodles have either a fleece or curly coat that is non shedding. A fleece coat is usually softer and shaggy, and the wool coat is denser. We recommend a wool coat for allergy sufferers. Regardless of coat, all pups need grooming every 6-8 weeks to keep their coats in good condition.

Spoodles require regular exercise such as daily walks as they have a medium energy level. To discourage any unwanted behaviors we encourage all families to walk their spoodles on a regular basis. Similar to the groodle, spoodles also love the water. We have found that our spoodles love dog beaches and areas where they can run on the sand.

Many people ask us what the difference is between groodles and spoodles. In our honest opinion their temperaments are very similar. Both breeds are people pleasers and love to be a part of a family. Size wise, a groodle is a larger dog and tends to have a slightly higher energy requirement.

Both breeds do well in apartments as they are non shedding and deal well with smaller spaces. Regardless of whether you have little space or heaps of space dogs need daily exercise to stay strong and healthy and mentally fit